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Educate and empower your team to bring exceptional wine knowledge to the table. Achieve your sales goals by giving team members the knowledge and confidence to engage with your guests and create memorable wine experiences.

Wine Essentials

2 Hour Course

Team members leave this class with the knowledge to confidently speak about and sell wine in your establishment.  This class includes an overview of winemaking and viticulture, an explanation of the characteristics of the most common grape varieties in the world, a guide to deductive tasting, including analysis of sight, aroma, palate, and quality assessment, and finally the techniques for properly serving wine.

Regional Courses

2 Hour Course

A deep-dive into the most important wine regions of the world. Take your team to a higher level with specialized training in specific regions.

Regional Course Topics Include:

  • Wines of France

  • Wines of Italy

  • Wines of Spain

  • Wines of California

  • Arizona Wines and Wineries

Wine Styles

2 Hour Course

Get specific with courses that focus on unique wine styles. In these courses, team members learn how to increase their check averages by upselling a glass of sparkling wine before dinner or wrapping up with a port or sherry with dessert. These courses cover the major wine regions for sparkling and sweet wine styles, winemaking techniques, including the magic of fortification, and pairing suggestions.

Wine Pairing

2 Hour Course

Learn a sommelier's methods to the madness of wine pairing! This class works with your restaurant's menu and wine list to teach students about wine pairing.

Wine Corks

Create a unique, sophisticated, profitable program.

Let me share with you my decade of experience designing, curating and managing beverage programs that turn profit and win awards.

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