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This two-hour course is designed to equip your team with an understanding of the basic principals of wine pairing, enabling and encouraging them to maximize check averages by suggesting wine pairings that enhance your food and compete the meal. 

We work with your menu to create "cheat sheets" for your team to reference during service. 

  • Why pair wine with food?

    • Creating "restaurant magic"​

    • Maximizing check averages

  • Pairing Basics

    • What grows together goes together​

    • Complimentary: like with like

    • Contrasting: opposites attract

    • Flavor components: salt, fat, acid, heat

  • Classic Pairings, Why They Work

    • Foie Gras and Sauternes​

    • Oysters and Champagne

    • Steak and Malbec

  • Pairing Cheat Sheets

    • Glass pour suggestions for everything on the menu​

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